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Kejahatan melawan sistem komputer dan database

Kejahatan melawan sistem komputer dan database - Sebagai kejahatan globalizes, jadi tidak melawan kejahatan. Mafia, pembunuh berantai, dan teroris lintas negara garis dan berbatasan dengan mudah, menggunakan terbaru kemajuan di media massa, transportasi, telekomunikasi, dan komputer jaringan. Polisi - ada 16.000 penegak hukum di Amerika Serikat sendiri - tidak pernah sangat jauh di belakang.
Kejahatan melawan sistem komputer dan database
Kejahatan melawan sistem komputer dan database

Kutipan dari halaman Web resmi dari beberapa database ini:

Pusat Nasional untuk analisis kejahatan kekerasan (NCAVC)

Misinya adalah untuk menggabungkan fungsi investigasi dan operasional dukungan, penelitian dan pelatihan untuk memberikan bantuan, tanpa biaya, kepada lembaga penegak hukum federal, negara bagian, lokal dan asing yang menyelidiki kejahatan kekerasan yang tidak biasa atau berulang. NCAVC juga menyediakan dukungan melalui keahlian dan konsultasi dalam hal non-kekerasan keamanan nasional, korupsi, dan penyelidikan kejahatan kerah putih.

Ini terdiri dari Unit Analisis perilaku (BAU), penculikan anak dan Serial pembunuhan investigasi sumber daya pusat (CASMIRC), dan kekerasan penjahat ketakutan Program (VICAP).

VICAP adalah sebuah pusat informasi data nasional yang dirancang untuk mengumpulkan, menyusun, dan menganalisis kejahatan kekerasan - khusus pembunuhan. Collates dan menganalisa karakteristik penting dari semua pembunuhan, dan pelanggaran kekerasan lain.

Penyelidikan pembunuhan Tracking System (HITS)

Program dalam Washington negara di Kejaksaan yang melacak dan menyelidiki pembunuhan dan perkosaan.

Kejahatan kekerasan Linkage sistem (ViCLAS)

Aplikasi Download Video Youtube Sistem komputer Kanada-lebar yang membantu penyidik terlatih khusus untuk mengidentifikasi seri kejahatan dan penjahat dengan berfokus pada hubungan yang ada antara kejahatan oleh pelaku sama. Sistem ini dikembangkan oleh RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) di awal 1990-an.

UTAP, singkatan untuk The Utah pidana pelacakan dan analisis proyek

Mengumpulkan para ahli dari ilmu forensik, analisis adegan kejahatan, psikiatri dan bidang lain untuk layar kasus tak terpecahkan untuk badan-badan penegak hukum setempat.

Organisasi Polisi Kriminal Internasional (ICPO) - Interpol DNA Gateway

Menyediakan untuk transfer data profil antara dua atau lebih negara dan untuk perbandingan profil yang sesuai dengan standar Interpol dalam database terpusat. Peneliti dapat mengakses database melalui mereka Interpol Nasional Pusat Biro (NCB) menggunakan Interpol polisi global secure komunikasi sistem, saya-24/7.

Interpol's saya-24/7

Komunikasi Global sistem untuk menghubungkan negara-negara anggotanya dan menyediakan mereka dengan user-friendly akses ke informasi polisi. Menggunakan sistem ini, Interpol Biro Pusat Nasional (NCBs) dapat mencari dan mengecek silang data dalam hitungan detik, dengan akses langsung dan segera ke database yang berisi informasi kritis (ASF Nominal database internasional penjahat, pemberitahuan elektronik, dicuri kendaraan bermotor, perjalanan dicuri/hilang/palsu dan dokumen identitas, dicuri karya seni, kartu pembayaran, sidik jari dan foto, daftar tontonan terorisme, DNA database identifikasi korban bencana, senjata internasional pelacakan dan perdagangan informasi yang berhubungan dengan manusia, dll).

Interpol sidik jari

Menyediakan informasi mengenai pengembangan dan pelaksanaan sidik jari sistem untuk badan penegakan hukum publik dan hukum internasional yang umum.

Europol (Uni Eropa badan intelijen kriminal) komputer sistem (TECS)

Negara-negara anggota dapat langsung memasukkan data ke dalam sistem informasi sesuai dengan prosedur nasional mereka, dan Europol langsung dapat memasukkan data yang diberikan oleh negara-negara anggota Uni Eropa yang bebas dan badan-badan yang ketiga. Juga menyediakan layanan pengindeksan dan analisis.

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Hartford Auto Insurance Company Is A Financial Giant Time To Switch?

The Hartford Auto Insurance programs offer focused rates, amazing inclusions and advantages that are more than only a guarantee - they promise it. Stunning, now that is some announcement. 

Lets see why a great many drivers are guaranteed with The Hartford. 

Consolidated Auto and Homeowners Discount 

In the event that you safeguard both your auto and mortgage holders scope, you could spare as much as 15% off the premiums for both arrangements. 

Inactive Restraints Discount 

Nissan X-Trail, Mobil SUV Paling Tangguh dan Nyaman Is your auto is outfitted with programmed seat straps andor air sacks? Assuming this is the case, The Hartford can spare you up to 30% off your therapeutic andor individual harm scope. 

Reestablishment Discount 

The Hartford offers reestablishment rebates as an uncommon thank-you for your business. Once your safeguarded with them you'll be qualified to get this extra markdown. 

Multi-auto Discount 

More than one auto? You can get a rebate of up to 25% on every auto when you protect them with Hartford Auto Insurance Company. 

Hostile to burglary Devices Discount 

Do you have auto alerts and other against robbery gadgets in your auto? In the event that you do Hartford Auto Insurance can spare you up to 15% off the cost of far reaching scope. 
Hartford Auto Insurance Company Is A Financial Giant Time To Switch
Do you stop your vehicle in a carport? 

Vehicles stopped inside carports are not all that likely to be stolen and struck by extra vehicles. Owning a carport to stop your vehicle may give you a slight cost markdown. 

Different Credits Offered 

Depending which state you dwell, different credits might be accessible, for example, rebates for non-freezing stopping devices, cautious driving course credits, and that's just the beginning. 

AARP Auto Insurance Program 

It is safe to say that you are 50+ years? Can you bear the cost of £12.50yr participation charge? All things considered, AARP offers part rebates for accident protection through The Hartford. These are advantages and administrations planned solely for individuals and their evolving needs. 

You need your accident coverage organization there for you when you require them the most, so it's imperative to realize that The Hartford is a since quite a while ago settled organization that was established in 1810 and is perceived for its money related quality, predominant reputation and amazing client benefit.

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Wolf bluff castle-cortes island

Sewa Rumah Harian di Jogja Dekat Malioboro -  If you‘re traveling in Canada near Vancouver, make sure to visit Cortes Island. The island boasts numerous attractions, but none can be as unusual as Wolf Bluff Castle. 

Wolf Bluff Isn‘t your average castle. It‘s new enough that its age is measured in years, not decades or centuries. It isn‘t crumbling or falling down—probably since it is made of cinder blocks. You may also satisfy the man who built it. 

Karl Triller, owner and builder of Wolf Bluff Castle (known locally as King Karl’s Kastle ), was raised in Hungary dreaming of castles. When he moved to Cortes Island, he decided in order to make his dream a reality. When Karl was building the castle wolves were abundant upon the island, hence the name. 

Karl designed and built the five-story, triple-turreted, eight-bedroom castle from the bottom up. He even made all 13, 000 cement blocks designed to construct the castle and spent 12 years completing it. 

During the past, Wolf Bluff Castle would be a bed and breakfast, but age has forced Karl, a former professional chef, to prevent preparing and serving guest meals. The castle’s modern full-service kitchen is available for self-catering during longer stays. Additionally it is a base of operations for caterers serving events inside the dining hall, an area with space to seat up to at least one hundred people. 

What castle is complete with no dungeon? Karl’s dungeon is likewise a torture chamber and features homemade dummies in various states of torment with placards announcing their sins. 

Karl himself, who doesn‘t charge admission but does ask for any donation, leads castle tours. Do you wish to relive that childhood fantasy from being lord of all that you survey or perhaps a damsel inside a tower? It may happen – speak with Karl about staying the night in Cortes Island’s Wolf Bluff Castle.


Yukon, formerly The Yukon Territory, is Canada’s most northwestern province, bordered upon the north from the Beaufort Sea and also the west from the state of Alaska. 

Visitors towards the region will should be hardy and prepared to the sub-arctic climate. The temperature inside the province goes over 50° F (10° C ) lower than four months from the year. The typical winter temperature is between -4° F and -26° F (-20° to -32° C ) but, since It‘s drier than many elements of southern Canada, the cold is taken into account more bearable than a similar temperatures could be further south. 

The Yukon is so sparsely populated that it‘s the only Canadian province not subdivided to the Census. The complete province, all 186, 661 square miles of them (483, 450 sq km ), is really a single Census division by having an estimated total population of 31, 500. 

The Yukon is best known to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896. The rush to hunt to for gold ended 3 years after it began by 1902 a lot of the hopeful miners had left. Gold production peaked in 1911 and also the last dredge pack up in 1966. 

The Yukon capital of Whitehorse is that the logical spot to begin exploring the history of Klondike Gold Rush. Make sure to visit the Tourist Information Center before heading through Klondike Highway to Dawson, ex-fishing village, ex-boomtown upon the Yukon River ; closest town in Canada to in which the gold was found. 

Today the most industry inside the Yukon is tourism. Inside the Yukon tourism is really a $164 million each year business, variety which has grown steadily since 1996. The recent discovery, inside the 1990s, of diamonds inside the Northwest Territories has led others to wonder when the precious stones may not be subsequent big thing inside the Yukon, too.

Underneath It All

The weather is really a harsh mistress in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The natives have fought back by establishing a modern wonder, Montreal’s Underground City. The underground, like the locals call it, is really a remarkable pedestrian network of train stations, shops, hotels, restaurants, museums, and much more, under downtown Montreal. 

The underground city got its start in 1962 using the building from the Place Ville-Marie office tower and underground shopping mall. That first mall connected to Central Station (subway ) and also the Queen Elizabeth Hotel via tunnels. Ever since that day the underground has grown to greater than twenty-two miles of pedestrian walkways. 

Residents of Montreal are incredibly happy with their “inside city” (its not all of It‘s underground ), the biggest underground complex in the planet. There will be greater than 150 access points towards the subterranean city and greater than 60% from the businesses in downtown connect towards the underground. Over 500, 000 people traverse the belowground pedestrian walkways and subways of Montreal every day. Several residential towers connect towards the underground also, allowing some locals to reach from home to labor to play without ever going outside. 

Many of the most stunning features from the underground complex will be the subway stations. Each station is, literally, a work of art. Once the subway was built 1% from the budget for every station was devoted to procuring and displaying art inside the underground. A special architect designed each station inside a different style and no two stations are identical. 

Numerous well-known tourist spots in Montreal are accessible coming from the underground city. Things to examine without going out include Olympic Park and also the Olympic Centre (built to the 1976 Olympics ) ; the Place des Artes, home towards the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal ) ; and Molson Centre, home of Montreal’s hockey team, the Canadiens.

Titanic and Halifax

The storyline from the doomed ocean liner Titanic has captured the imagination of individuals all over the planet because the day it sank. Halifax, in Nova Scotia, Canada is really a largely unknown section of Titanic history. 

Following the Titanic sank, the White Star Line chartered four ships from Canada to look for survivors. Two the strategies, the MacKay-Bennett and also the Minia, were from Halifax. 

From the 328 bodies recovered coming from the disaster site, 119 were so badly damaged or deteriorated they had been buried at sea. Leftover 209 were brought to Halifax for identification, where possible. 150 of these people were buried in one among three Halifax cemeteries, depending on religion (Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish ), giving Halifax perhaps one of the largest concentrations of Titanic passenger burials in the planet. 

The Maritime Museum from the Atlantic in Halifax houses the biggest collection of wooden Titanic artifacts in the planet with their permanent exhibit, Titanic : The unsinkable ship and Halifax, which opened in 1998. 

Perhaps one of the centerpieces from the collection is really a wooden deck chair, perhaps one of the only intact ones in the planet known to match those in photos from the ship. A grandchild of Reverend Henry W. Cunningham gave the chair towards the museum. Reverend Cunningham received the chair in recognition for their services in conducting most of the sea burials for Titanic victims. 

Probably the most moving items on display is that the log of wireless operator Robert Hunston, from Cape Race, Newfoundland. It‘s a condensed log of all of the distress calls coming from the ocean liner the night it sank. Reading the log brings home the reality from the disaster and also the amazingly short time during which it occurred. 

For additional info on Halifax’s role inside the Titanic aftermath, visit the city’s Titanic web site at http : / / www. halifax. ca / history / titanicmain. html.